Saturday, January 18, 2014


It's been too long between my last new painting and this one.  This time of year it's hard for me to find inspiration since I am most moved by intense color, and light/shadow contrasts, and the world around me is so drained of color in the winter, replaced with shades of white and muted neutrals.  Nothing against the winter, it's just doesn't move me, creatively.  That combined with holiday tasks and 'day job' flares that take so much more of me, and I haven't wandered into my studio in weeks.  This painting was actually done before the holidays, but didn't get my seal of approval until just this week.  I got inspired around Veteran's Day and started working on this.  I'm thinking it might launch a series of intense, close-up portraits, but time will tell.

\:-| (honor)    oil on canvas   20x20

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